Well insulated house construction

Imagine a perfectly insulated building, as if it were covered with a coat that protects it in summer and winter. The weather inside is nice because you keep it busy and warm. If, on the other hand, the weather is always bright, it is even better and you don’t need to heat it up. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid the sun entering in summer, to avoid overheating. More informations : http://www.deplanche-immobilier.com/en/ .  The concept of passive construction is that the heat released in the building (living things, electrical appliances) and that provided by the outside world (sun) are sufficient to meet heating needs. A building that does not lose heat does not need heating to remain pleasant to live in. In a building, heating is used to compensate for heat loss.

Passive houses

Needless to say, you are legally asking yourself the question of passive house prices. And of course, they are more expensive: better materials, the intervention of an architect or a design office, a more excellent superior structure, etc. Discover : www.deplanche-immobilier.com/en/for-sale. The invoice is increased by these elements. As a result, it is estimated that the construction of a passive house can cost between 15% and 25% more than a “traditional, off-site” house. But this initial additional cost must be contrasted with the long-term savings: the passive house allows you to make long-term savings by allowing you to avoid cooling during the summer and heating. Then the bet is intriguing, if you build for life.

Positive energy house

As its name suggests, there is a positive energy house that produces more than it absorbs. In practice, this means that it can produce its own energy in such a way as to cover both the main energy prices of the occupants (heating, hot water, auxiliary ventilation systems – and light) and those generated by domestic uses. With energy-efficient houses, we do not strictly speaking speak of energy performance to be “achieved” but rather of expenses to be “compensated”.

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