Floor coverings for luxury hotels

Nowadays, competition in the hotel industry is growing. As a result, managers no longer have the right to make the mistake of setting up their establishment. For luxury hotels, every detail counts. From the floor to the ceiling, everything must be up to the requirements of the clientele. Flooring is, quite rightly, one of the things a guest notices first when entering a room. It must therefore be flawless.
Carpet manufacturers have created new ranges of floor coverings in order to troubleshoot hotel professionals who have trouble finding models that meet their expectations in terms of quality and personalization. Discover luxury Rugs. One example is the traditional, natural, urban or digital style. The hotelier will be able to choose the model that corresponds most to the ambience of his hotel. In addition to these trends, the designs and colors are also mixed to infinity. As a result, the variety of patterns is quite large. As they are used in larger buildings, hotel carpets have larger dimensions compared to house carpets. They must also be more insulating, more resistant to stains and intense traffic.

Custom wool carpet for hotel rooms

Comfort is always at the top of the list of benefits that hoteliers want to offer to their guests. The floor covering is an important point to create this effect in a hotel room. The wool carpet is a good choice to add comfort to this room. This type of material reduces the spread of noise. And in a hotel, discretion and calm are in order. Easy to install and maintain, a wool carpet will not be a problem for the maintenance service team : https://www.editionbougainville.com/en/sur-mesure.  This type of coating also has the advantage of being very soft and warm. In short, everything the customer is looking for comfort. The color palette of this type of flooring is also very diverse. This allows the hotelier to choose the tone that suits the theme of each room. The wool carpet is sold mainly by m². Although it is particularly suitable for dressing rooms, it can also be used to cover halls, corridors and stairs.

Entrance mats made by hand

One would think that nobody pays attention to the entrance carpet. Yet this is the room that visitors see first. Each passenger uses it to remove dirt from his shoes before entering. It should then be personalized to make a good impression and mark the memories. For example, you can include a small welcome message, your hotel logo, or even a humorous wink. Its shape can also be modified according to your preferences.
By choosing a custom handmade entrance mat, you have the possibility to adapt the dimensions to those of your portal. You also have a great deal of freedom in choosing the material for your doormat. Placed behind the door, an absorbent cotton mat will bring a friendly look to your lobby and, as its name suggests, it will effectively retain dirt. You can also opt for a coconut mat. Rugged, this type of entrance mat will withstand durably weather and heavy traffic, even if you place it outside. Even more suited for professional use, the aluminum entrance mat meets accessibility standards for people with disabilities. Robust, elegant and discreet, it acts as an excellent scraper to preserve the cleanliness of your premises.

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