R & D design office: products for the repair of oil and gas installations

Among the engineering companies that set up, upgrade and manufacture oil and gas installation repair systems, 3X Engineering offers the toughest tasks. It offers you composite solutions studied at length and assists you in the realization of these last ones. You will be supported by a competent team and your request will be handled efficiently. Thanks to its technological breakthrough, the solutions it brings are more and more innovative. Its research department, represented by the Research and Development (R & D) department, is responsible for providing unique and tailor-made solutions to your installation problems (piping, pipeline and metal structures). The repair products offered for sale by the group are recognized and guaranteed by large companies such as TUV or Bureau Veritas. Discover more information : protection of pipeline.  With regard to oil and gas installations repair products, 3X Engineering has developed a wide range. The R & D design office of 3X Engineering company is committed to meeting the international standards imposed on composite repair and all that is material. In addition, to meet specific requirements, it can set up a finite element analysis simulation to develop a repair tailored to the conditions you impose.

Line repair

To reinforce and repair pipelines of all kinds, the 3X Engineering group offers first quality products that guarantee a surprising result. Learn more about steel beam reinforcement. These are composite repair products that have been refined for pipes that are damaged by corrosion or have mechanical problems. The company has engineered Kevlar tape to epoxy resin for reliable and easy repair. This is what makes it different from other suppliers and repairers on the market. This is a repair system that applies directly to the outside of the damaged pipe to provide the necessary sheathing. This product guarantees reinforcement and effective protection, even for pipelines that have lost up to 80% thickness. 3x Engineering’s pipe repair methods have the advantage of protecting users because the materials used are by no means dangerous. No post-curing heating is required and application is without any pressure limitation.

Reinforcement of metal structure

Metal structures can experience damage and damage due to various external aggressions such as corrosion. To repair poles or vertical supports made of metal, composite products are also suitable. This is, for example, the case of ReinforceKit Beam from 3X Engineering, a kit for reinforcing and repairing catenary supports and all types of poles. This product guarantees an efficient and durable result thanks to its high performance composition: epoxy resin and Kevlar. It is designed to last a minimum of 20 years. The ReinforceKit Beam can be used to repair and reinforce corroded structures up to 80% and even to restore the entire structure. It is suitable for all shapes and sizes of metal structures whether poles, electrical poles or supports. The main advantage of this kind of composite repair is that its installation does not involve a stop of production or traffic. Convenient, its implementation is fast and economical. To protect metals from corrosion, the company also offers another type of product: DKit. It is a combination of epoxy resin materials. Its application is on the lower part of the support, on the mounting area with the base of the structure, which is, in fact, the most exposed to corrosion. It is, more exactly, a multilayer product that is applied in 3 distinct layers: the anticorrosive coating, the impermeable coating and the UV and shockproof protective coating. It is suitable for all metal structures to prevent corrosion, water infiltration into the base and ensure integrity and durability.

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