insurance obligation

The construction of a house is the realization of a dream. However, unpleasant surprises can occur on the site. The builder must then refer to insurance, even for the construction of a house. To find out more:

Insurance obligations are defined by law. It is important to dismiss them to avoid sanctions. It should be known that the manufacturer is held responsible for damages that compromise the strength of the structure for 10 years. Similarly for those who have a link with the elements that make up the book. Upon opening the site, you have the right to request the presentation of a decennial insurance certificate.

The builder also has responsibilities with regard to construction insurance. During the work, he is responsible for the damage that occurs. It can be theft, degradation of materials or loss. The manufacturer can also

to guarantee the perfect completion, thus to repair the disorders during the duration of the works and after.

to guarantee the correct functioning, to repair the defects which disturb the operation of the equipments which are not included in the body of the work.

The ten-year guarantee makes the builder responsible for the obligations towards the owner. Before and after the price in hand of the works, the owner can also add other responsibilities. It is possible to develop a customized insurance.

Contract damage works

The contract must allow for a refund in case of problems during the development of the project. The necessary repairs are ensured during the 10 years following the beginning of the works. Information:

This contract covers:

vices that undermine the strength of the building and the disorders that disturb the development of the project.

the damage that reaches the elements necessary for the work. Among other things, the removal, disassembly and replacement that has a part of the work.

In case of disaster, it is necessary to report the problem to his insurer. The best is to make a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt so that it is well received the letter.

The insurer is required to initiate proceedings within thirty days of receiving the order. In the first place, you must inform the insured whether or not he accepts the payment. If the insurer agrees to take the leave, it is obliged to submit an offer of compensation within 90 days. The amount is then used to repair the damage.

Construction Hazard Contract

When building a building, multiple means are implemented. It may be sufficient human or financial resources to determine depending on the scope of the project. In any case, creativity and know-how must be at the rendezvous. For the project to run smoothly, it is necessary to subscribe to compulsory insurance. The subscription to a TRC is one of them. This insurance guarantees the goods, the work and the materials.

It is mentioned in the Civil Code that the construction company is responsible for the loss of materials. Basically, the contractor is the main guardian of the yard. For this he has the use, direction and control. As far as the worker is concerned, he is totally responsible for the material to be supplied. Also, if the problems occur before the material is delivered, the worker is the only one responsible.

Damage on the site is landslides, floods, storms, collapse, slump, and mishandling. Fire is also a major problem. This type of accident is often caused by a poorly made weld or a projector placed near the frame.

During the work, the contractor assumes all risks that are attractive to his work. Also, he is required to provide work as agreed with the client.

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